Doesn't matter if it is for a special occasion or to make your mornings much easier! I offer classic lashes, hybrid lashes or volume/russian lashes, depending on your preference.​ I focus highly on natural lash health and will always recommend what is best for each of my clients natural lashes.


Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for a client who wants lashes that are beautiful yet have a more natural finish. 

One eyelash extension, that is the perfect length and weight for the client, is applied to one natural eyelash. 

Great for clients who naturally have full lashes.


Hybrid eyelash extensions gives the definition of classic lashes, with the added fullness of russian/volume lashes. 

It is a mixed set of 50% classic lashes and 50% russian/volume lashes.

Great for clients who would like to try fuller lashes before going onto russian/volume lashes.


Russian/Volume eyelash extensions would suit a client who prefers a fuller, fluffier finish. 

Depending on preference, anywhere between 2-8 super fine lashes are hand-made into a fan and applied to a single natural lash.

This type of lash is also great for clients with sparser lashes.